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Video: Haiti’s youngest amputees

Where is the Money? We Can Wait No Longer…

“A promise is a comfort only to a fool.”  These were the words CARICOM coinmama representative Camillo Gonsalvez used to describe the state of international pledges for the reconstruction of Haiti at a Brooklyn community forum on May 26, 2010.  Mr. Gonsalvez was referring to the startling contradiction that on March 31st international donors pledged a total of over $10 billion at the “Conference Towards a New Future for Haiti,” and yet, the Haitian Government is currently forced to operate with only 20% of its yearly budget. Continue reading Where is the Money? We Can Wait No Longer…

Hear the story of Alexander

My name is Alexandro and I live in Haiti. I am only 6 years old and I lost my arm on January 12, 2010 at a horrible earthquake which took placein the town of Carfur, where I was living with my family. That evening, like every other day, after school, I was playing with my two brothers, Eronne and Elie as well as my dear cousin Maurice. My mom had a small store and we were playing in one of the rooms. My mom, Marlene Francois was a hard worker, the all of our family depend on her income. My grandma and grandpa my three aunts and my cousin with her husband, all lived in one house.

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Letter of Fr. Gio

Fr. Gio

Beloved helpers,

Each time, I receive your voluble donation for the poorest of the poor in Haiti I thank God for the blessings of having a friend like you.   With all the expenses and binaryoptions commitments we have in Haiti for our orphans and the hungry we need to come up with USD 20 thousands each month.  This is such a large amount to raise  each month for a small organization like us, especially in these days of recession when people do not have   much income. Continue reading Letter of Fr. Gio

Croatian Relief Services


Shoe-Box-Gift-Project is simple and it may involve children, young adults, and senior citizens. The project can be introduced to prayer groups, Catholic schools, C.C.D. programs, and Principals of any school. The Shoe-Box-Project can be done as a Confirmation of First Communion project.

Here is how it works. Each student or interested person is encouraged to make one or more shoe-boxes. A simple shoe-box or similar sized gift box can be used. A donor buys some school supplies such as pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, notebooks, candy bars, a t-shirt, tooth paste, toothbrush, non perishable food such as rice, beans etc.


Godparent Program

Alexis Francia, 6

With the terrible tragedy now in Haiti after a devastating 7.0 major earthquake hit the capital city of Port-au-Prince on January 12, 2010, killing close to at least 120,000 people forex trade tutorial, wounding 250,000 and leaving million of families homeless.
Croatian Relief Services has stepped forward in faith and has made a contract in Haiti to open an orphanage for the destitute and hungry street children. The orphanage is called “Cardinal Stepinac Children Center of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.”

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Cardinal Stepinac Children Center